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Sunday , July 23 2017

Learn Animated Banner Designing in Photoshop – Urdu / Hindi

In this short but useful course I will teach you how to design animated banner design in Photoshop, Actually animation process is very easy in Photoshop, but some people think it’s complicated that’s why they don’t want to learn it.

What is animation banner?

It’s a standard banner like we have other web and social cover or banner but animated banner animating and can show many text and content at the one single picture. Most of the banner are in Gif format which you can also search in Google like if you need a Computer animated banner so just search in Google images computer animated and you will have an animated picture(s).

This kind of images can be made in Photoshop, Swishmax and in much other software too but the easiest one is Photoshop, so that’s why we will use PS.

Animated banner example:

computer animated banner free
Image source: http://classroomclipart.com


This is an Urdu / Hindi course so off course it will be easier for you.


What will you learn from this course?

As I already stated, it’s very short course but will be ideal for those who want to learn in an easy way. There are only four lectures in this course so let’s see what you are going to learn from it.

In lecture 1 I will tell what an animated banner is and what is the scope for this.

You can search on Google for live example just go to www.Images.Google.com and type any keyword and then change the setting like in the below picture. You will have animation images.

Photoshop and illustrator animated course in urdu hindi

In lecture 2 I will design a basic banner for animation purpose which we will use in following lectures. Because if we want to create animated banner, so the first important thing is basic 2d banner but keep in mind you should save your pdf file so latter we will have all layers separately.

In lecture 3 I will teach you properly animated banner methods. I will show you how easy is this and how you can easily make in just a few minutes.

In lecture 4 and the last video of this course, I will teach you how to add more content in the same banner so you can adjust many pictures and data in just one single banner.
And finally, you will learn how to save your animated banner as GIF with the proper way so that can be more optimized then normal saving method.


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