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Sunday , July 23 2017

How does Fiverr “Gig” System Works – Fiverr Ranking Tips

What is Fiverr.com?

Fiverr  is an Online Platform where people are buying and selling, people makes money by selling their skills like Graphic designing, Web designing etc. We can also make money by doing Freelancing on Fiverr if we can make logo design, if we can design banner, if we can do anything which is related to business so we can also make money on Fiverr.

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But first of all please understand on Fiverr “GIG”.

Do you know about Fiverr Gigs?

Actually gig mean a service which you’re going to sell on fiverr or which you’re going to buy from fiverr, let’s suppose we can design logo design, we can design social media cover, we can design book cover so we should create three different gig like:

  • I ‘ll design awesome business logo for your website for only $5
  • I ‘ll design 2 attractive charming Social media cover for only $5
  • I ‘ll design 2D & 3D eBook or book cover for only $5

These above all title is representing three different Gig which mean these are three different services which can be sell by creating three different Gigs.

How does Fiverr System work?

How does Fiverr “Gig” System Works – Fiverr Ranking Tips

Well, as I already described that F!verr is Online platform for buying & selling, whenever someone visit Fiverr.com so mostly they just type in “Search Box” I mean to say mostly they use f!verr Search Box to finding what they’re looking for.

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However, if we consider on that search box that how F!iverr shows some gigs whenever someone search for any service so we can make money easily because if we get success to showing our gig in search result so buyer ‘ll also see and definitely we ‘ll have some orders as new seller. But it’s not so easy you have to research on that and you have to spend some time on f!verr that how f!verr system works and how we can in our gig in that small space like “Blinking Time”.

Some important point should be noticed on this stage that f!verr just shows that gigs which have some positive review + which must be optimized like gig title, description & tags must have relevant to what you offer.

Secondly you must have Positive review for your gig like if you’re a Graphic designer seller on fiverr so you must have 9,10 positive review from different countries.

(Don’t worry you ‘ll be learn all these techniques on this website, I ‘ll share how you can get more sells on F!verr in my next post, Stay tuned with us.)

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