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Saturday , August 19 2017

FUH Course FAQs

FUH FAQs in English

Please read following questions and their answers before buying FUH Course.


1.What is the FUH course price?

Ans. It’s depend on student finical condition but basic price is $15 or $20.


2.Will i be able become an expert?

Ans. Again it’s all depend on you, if you just buy FUH course and watch and leave it and you expect that after watching the whole lectures you ‘ll be become an expert so it’s impossible, You can become an expert in only one condition that you watch every lecture with fulfill attention and then implement and get result from it.


2.Will i be able to earn money online?

Yes, but there is no guarantee or written statement that you ‘ll earn money online, it’s depend on your hard-work and passion, Let’s suppose if you’ve watched FUH course and you’ve created few gigs but not getting any order so it’s mean you still have to improve your skills.

I tried my best in this course that you can earn good amount.


3.Is there any support available like call, email or through Skype?

Ans. Yes support will be for lifetime but keep in mind Email, Facebook Private message, Mobile or Skype call etc support are not mentioned and if you think instructor will support you through voice call, Facebook private message or email etc so sorry this course is not for you.

We will only support you through our Facebook group and team viewer, mean if  you ‘ll need any kinda help so first we will try to give you answer in Facebook group or will LIVE help you on Teamviewer software.


4.Will i be able to download FUH course and source files?

Ans. Yes you can download FUH course and source files too through IDM software and if you don’t know how so we will also teach you this.

But keep in mind you don’t have rights to re upload or sell FUH course or any lecture or even source files too, if you do this so we have rights to take action against you. Our first action will be to remove you from our facebook helping group and second action will be report to Cyber Crime Team and Govt of Pakistan.


5.Can i share this course in my family members or with friends?

Ans. No, there is no permission to share this course with anyone.


6.Is there any refund option?

Ans. There won’t be any refund once paid. Because as everyone know once we join a Udemy course so then there is no option to remove that student from course and also anyone can download this complete course within 6,7 hours that’s why refund option isn’t available.


7.What we can do for our satisfaction to buy this course?

Ans.You can watch Demo videos here and also ask from some experts.


8.If our Facebook and Udemy Ids get blocked or hacked so then is there any option to watch FUH course and keep our self in Facebook helping group ?

Ans. No, Suppose if your Facebook or Udemy id get hacked or blocked due to whatever reason so you won’t be able to watch FUH course and there is no option to give you again coupon code for free, which mean if your Facebook or Udemy ids get hacked or blocked so then you have to buy this course again. so please keep safe your Facebook and Udemy id.






FUH FAQs in Urdu / Hindi

Please nechy dey gay sawal or inky jwab zaroo parhy is course ko hareedny se pehly.

1.FUH course ke price kia hay?

Jwb. Ye student ke maali halat py depend krta hay lekn basic price $15 ya $20 honi chahey.


2.Kia me ye course leny k bad expert ban jaon ga ?

Jwb. Ye sb ap py depend krta hay agr ap course ko sirf hareedty hain or dekhty hain or chor dety hain or ye umeedain wabista rakhty hain k ap ek expert ban jaye gay to isa bilkul ni hoskta, ap sirf ek he soorat me expert ban skty hain k is course ko achy tareeqy se dekhy or os k bad implement krain or result hasil krain.


2.Kia me online pasy kama skoon ga?

Jwb. G han lekn hum ye ap ko ap k hard work or passion ke waja se “G han” kah rahy hain, hum koi b guarantee ya officially traeeqy se ni kah skty k ap lazmi online pasy kamany k qabil ho jaye gay q k agr ap course ko theak se dekhty ni hain ya phr implement ni krty to ye apki ghalti hay or ise wja se ap ko online success ni mil skti. (Ap university me pasy b dety hai or time b lagaty hain lekn degree milny k bad kia apko job mil skti hay ya ni ye university se ap written statement ly skty hain? off course ni q k it’s all depend on you and your passion.)

(Ek class me 10 students hain to kia sb topper ho gay? no kbi b ni os me kcuh he achy marks lay gay. to kia ghalti teacher ke hay ya (students) seekhny walo ke?)


3.Kia hamain support dia jaye ga?

Jwb. G han support bilkul hoga wo b lifetime k ley lekn Email, Facebook private Msg, Mobile ya phr baki Skype py voice call k through koi b help ya support ni hoge or agr ap ye smjty hian k ap call kray gay or ap ko hum call py smjay gain ya phr facebook py private msg krain gay to sorry ye course ap k ley ni hay.

Hum apko support apny Facebook helping group k through or Team viewer k through day gay, like agr ap ko ksi cheez py smj ni ati to first ap group me os k about post krain gay agr answer possible howa or apko smj aa gae to theak ni to ap ko LIVE Teamviewer software k through help ke jaye ge.


4.Kia me FUH course or source files ko download kr skta hn?

Jwb. G ap source files or course ko IDM k through download kr skty hain agr ap ko is ka ni pata k kesy to ye b hum apko sikha day gay k kis tarha ap source files or lectures ko download kr skty hain.

Lekin course ko again net py upload krna ya phr ksi py sell krny ke permission ap ko ni hay yahan tak k source file ke b permession ni hay, ap sirf khud un files ko use kr skty hain or course ko dekh skty hain.

Agr is ke ksi ne hilaf wrzi ke to hum first os student ko group se nikaly gay or phr Cyber Crime or Govt of Pakistan ke madad se os k against qanooni karwaaye krain gay.


5.Kia me is course ko apny family members ya dosto k sath share kr skta hn? 

Jwb. Bilkul ni.


6.Kia course ke Fee wapas mil skti hay?

Jwb. Ni, Fee refund ni ho stki, Q k Ye Course Udemy.com py hay or ap ko b pata hoga agr ek dafa course me koi enroll ho jaye to phr me chah kr b osy remove ni kr skta course se or poora course 6,7 ganty k andr download b ho skta hy is lye refund option ni hay lekn ap demo videos dekh skty hain pehly.


7.Hum apny ap ko kis tareeqy se satisfied kr skty hain is course ko leny k ley?

Jwb. Ap Demo videos yahan click kr k dekh skty hain or baki experts se pooch skty hain.


8.Agr Facebook ya phr Udemy ke wo id js k through hum FUH course buy krty hain agr block ho jaye to kia phr hum course or facebook helping group se help ly skty hain?

Jwb. Bilkul ni, Agr ap ke facebook ke id band ho jaye to new id ko add ni kia jaye ga, asy he agr ap ke Udemy ke id band ho jaye to ap ko new coupon code free me ni mil skta or na he phr ap course dekh skty hain q k ap ke id band hony k sath wo course b os me chala jata hay is ley phr ap ko phr se course buy krna ho ga, to kindly apny facebook or Udemy id ke khud hifazat krain.



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