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Saturday , August 19 2017

Make Money Online by doing micro jobs on Fiverr

In nowadays everyone want to make money online on the Internet & not just they want they also trying to know in depth details in every single day but they failed. However, in this case mostly peoples know about online earning but their problem is how to get jobs on Fiverr I mean they don’t know from where should get started that easily get more & more jobs on Fiverr and also on other freelancing website such as Freelancer & Upwork etc. Today I’m going to teach you that how can you make real money by doing micro jobs on Fiverr, and what type of jobs are required on Fiverr that should be use for making money.

Make Money on Fiverr - Micro jobs Freelancing


First of all understand What is Fiverr and how does it work ?

Well, I don’t need to describe that what is fiverr in depth details but i ‘ll just write in few lines that fiverr is Online Digital Marketplace where people buy and sell different kind of services such as logo design, t shirt design, Book cover, SEO Services, Article writing and many more services.

These all services sell as a “Gig” Yup Gig, Actually in simple word Gig mean an individual service which we buy or sell, whenever you want to sell any thing so you have to create “Gig” which we’re going to talk about in this article.

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After joining Fiverr, you have to find some micro jobs which you can sell easily and make quick fast money, in the following list you can chose any service but keep in mind first Learn then Earn I’m not talking about any expensive courses or any kind of tool I’m just giving you some suggestion that learn some hot skills from a perfect place like this one Fiverr Complete Urdu Hindi Course  (Please note this course is just for Urdu Hindi speakers) after completing learning process money ‘ll be sent you unlimited invitation that’s why i’m always interested in learning.

7 Miro Jobs on Fiverr [Get Paid Easily]

7 Miro Jobs on Fiverr - FiverrUrduHindi

  • Website traffic
  • Photoshop editing
  • Convert files
  • Proofreading
  • Find some SEO phrase
  • Find some profitable SEO domain
  • Resell Fiverr Gig

Now let’s discuss each service.

1. Website traffic

Website traffic mean you ‘ll have to send some visitor on the website, now the question is how can we send traffic to website and also how to send tons of visitor to anyone website without paying.

So in this situation my answer ‘ll be sorry guys you can’t do like this i mean you can’t get free traffic for a website you have to invest few but it would be money and if you don’t spend so you can’t sell this service. I usually use adfly traffic which anyone can afford and then it’s all depending on you that how much you can charge from a buyer.

Visit adf.ly and scroll down to the bottom and simply click on “Advertising”

Micro Jobs on Fiverr - Website Traffic

After clicking on Advertising you ‘ll see a list of all countries, their traffic and total price on per 1,000 visitor

Cheap Traffic

As you can see in the above picture they ‘ll give you 1,000 website traffic just for $0.40 which has also include some proxy traffic but it’s not matter because fiverr all Gig’s traffic isn’t pure and not having a perfect value than Organic traffic.

Just buy two time this traffic which total cost ‘ll be $0.80 and sell on Fiverr by charging $5, you ‘ll have still $3.20 margin 😀 which is pretty good cause you haven’t done practical job.

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2. Photoshop editing

If you familiar with Adobe Photoshop so now you won’t need to read Photoshop introduction.

Photoshop is an application software which develop by Adobe company in 19 February 1990, Photoshop is pixel base software which is using for different type of editing including Skin retouch, Background removing, logo designing, business card and all of other graphic stuff which seem computerized design that all almost designed in Photoshop.

As i mentioned above in the main title “Photoshop editing” so you have to create some gig related to Photoshop editing like:

I ‘ll edit your simple Photo and make it beautiful

I ‘ll retouch your skin and give it realistic look

I ‘ll remove your 10 image background within 6 hours only

I ‘ll prepare your OLD photo and make it  more beautiful

You can create these type of gig in living Photoshop editing section.

for those who don’t know what is Photoshop and how does it work so they should watch the following tutorial.

Learn Photoshop CS6 under 60 minutes Urdu tutorial by fmoghi


3. Convert files

It’s mean you have to convert almost all type of files to an new format which your buyer need let’s suppose if buyer have JPG image and buyer want to change this format into PNG so it ‘ll called “File Converting Process”, in order to pick this job you must have to follow the following softwares for converting any type of file into any format.


  • 1. Format Factory (it is all in one converter software, you can convert your images,video and mp3 into any format.

Using Format Factor you can get any of this format for you Images: .JPG, .PNG, .ICO, .BMP, .GIF, .TIF, .TGA

Using Format Factor you can get any of this format for you Videos: .3gp, .mpg, .mkv, .flv, .swf, .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .rmvb .vob, .mov

Using Format Factor you can get any of this format for you Mp3 music: . mp3 .wav, .amr, .wma, .aac, .mid

  • 2. Microsoft Word (it’s owned by microsoft, when we install ms office so ms word is already been added, we can convert PDF to word or word to pdf just by using microsfot word)

You can also find many other helpful tools on Google.

4. Proofreading

Proofreading mean you have to correct some content with proper grammar punctuation and make it like pro content.

You must know about English grammar for this job I mean when you ‘ll star “proofreading” selling on fiverr so people give you their rough text which ‘ll have lot of mistakes especially grammar and punctuation mistakes which you have to correct.

I ‘ll suggest first of all learn important english rules and regulation and then chose this skill otherwise don’t be crazy because you have to deliver an unique and quality work.

5. Find some SEO Phrase

SEO Phrases means all those long tail keyword which search mostly and should have more than 300 searches per month, let’s suppose if a buyer “Faiz” needs some seo phrase for his website which is all about online earning & making money so we should find long tail keyword which should be related to “making money” cause his website niche is “Making Money Online” that’s why we’re going to find these type of keywords and that all keywords must be 3 or more than 3 character which ‘ll be called long tail keywords like in the below example.


I’m using Google Keyword Planner tool which is free of cost 🙂

6. Find some profitable SEO domain

First of all understand what does mean by profitable seo domain ? Well, as everyone know profitable mean money making names and seo domain mean search engine optimized domain names, which likes google than a normal random domain.

You can find profitable seo domain name by following two step first one is “Keyword researching” yup you heard pretty good now this time again we have to research some keyword but this time we’re going to find/research short keywords which won’t make our domain longer and second step is we have to use another tool which is called “Lean Domain Search” don’t worry it’s free but keep in mind the main purpose of finding profitable domain is that we must have at least one keyword in our domain which has good searches and should be in low competition. Got it ? if not so contact me i ‘ll guide you in depth details okay let’s move on the first step to finding a good searches keyword using google keyword planner which i already used in “Find Some SEO Phrase” section.


As you can see in the above picture i chosen “easy money” keyword for my domain and now i’m going to put this keyword in Lean Domain Search Tool


And finally i chosen the following one domain.


As you can see the above domain PureEasyMoney .com is easy to understand and also it is a seo friendly domain name because in this domain we added our two important keyword which monthly searches is more than 49,500 which is pretty good 🙂

Same like you have to find these type of at least 2,3 domain names and give them to your client and you’re good to go i mean you’re done 😀

7. Resell Fiverr Gig

It’s very easy you don’t have to do any thing special or you don’t have to work by yourself, you ‘ll just buy some fiverr gig and resell that in bit higher price let’s suppose you bought “Whiteboard Animation” gig just giving $5 so you can easily sell it in $10,$15 just by knowing some basic fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

What was my goal for reselling fiverr gig ?

Actually when i entered in this field i mean in freelalncing so that time i didn’t know about anything special i just heard from someone else that if you don’t have any skills so you can also make money just by reselling fiverr gig in bit higher price so i started research and after some month finally i gotten some methods which really worked from me.

I was always using SeoClerk


As you can see in the above picture i just searched for “Link Building” which is seo related job and people charges $5 to $50 for link building on Fiverr which you can get same service here just spending $2 which mean if you sell this service on fiverr in $5 so you ‘ll still have $2 margin which is not bad 🙂

Just create some gigs on fiverr like:

I ‘ll bring your site on Google first Page

I ‘ll do your website SEO and get it higher ranking

I ‘ll create 100% high quality backlinks

I ‘ll create quality backlinks for your website


I hope you it ‘ll be helpful for you and you ‘ll be able to make money online, If you have any question so please use comment box.

Update: Get Fiverr Urdu/Hindi Full Course

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