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Sunday , July 23 2017

Top 11 Niches for Youtube – Make Handsome Amount From Youtube

If you’re are a youtube or want to earn money from Youtube so congratulation …

You’re on the right website, In this article, I will give you top 11 niches for youtube.

The following niches are really hot and you can make handsome amount at home via youtube only by working on any of the following niches, You have to make videos and simply upload it. You can use Camtasia Studio for video editing. Learn How to Use Camtasia Studio Complete Urdu Hindi Course

  1. Android solutions
  2. Life Hacks
  3. Top X List
  4. Technology Tutorials
  5. Mehndi Design
  6. Cooking “X” at Home
  7. Make Money at Home
  8. Documentaries
  9. Fashion & Beauty Tips
  10. Travel Vlogging
  11. Funny Videos

Update: I added few more high paying niches to work on Youtube.

  • Relationship e.g. How to impress girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Celebrities (Top 10 Best Actress or Actresses)
  • Fashion (New Fashion Trend, Summer Fashion)
  • Insurance (Car Insurance, life Insurance)
  • Best Cheap Hosting
  • SEO (SEO Rules, How to rank for a website)

Simply pick any of the above niches and start working on it.

If you have a blog or any hub page etc. So also write all your video tutorial wording as an article and publish on your blog or hub page etc.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

I noticed that most of the time Facebook or Tumbler post rank on Google first page. So, of course, you should create a Facebook page and always post all your video and article there along with using the hashtag, like if your niche is SEO so you should add #SEO2017 #SEOTIps #Google, etc.

It will help to find your post easily on Facebook.

Tumblr Ranking

Actually, Tumblr is already a very high authority website. Tumblr just needs your quality content, and you are good to go. Always write at least 300 words article and give some outbound links to another website such as Google or any other big authority website, this will give your article real time boosting.

Always post tumbler blog link in your youtube video description and also on Facebook pages etc. I will suggest you use all social media website like Twitter, Google+ and many others.


I will keep updating this article & add more niches soon, Stay tuned.


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